Contract & Warranty

  • Puppies are sold at 8 weeks with;   
tails docked, dew-claws removed and a Health Certificate,
which includes an exam by a licensed Veterinarian,
de-wormed and current vaccinations.  Buyers will also
be provided with the puppy's AKC Registration Papers.

  • Puppies will be considered sold when buyer examines and
    purchases puppy in person, in the presence of the breeder.

  • Puppies are certified as' healthy' from my Veterinarian.  
Should the puppy get sick immediately after purchase,
the buyer must have the puppy examined by a
licensed Veterinarian and Tinker Toy Schnauzers must be
contacted,  and informed of any health issue, disease or
problem concerning the puppy.  This condition
must be documented by 2 licensed veterinarians for  a
replacement.  The puppy is also guaranteed against
Parvo Virus and Distemper when sold.
It is the new owner's responsibility to continue puppy  
vaccinations against these fatal viruses.  Kennel Cough
and Coccidia are not included in this warranty.  It is the
buyer's responsibility to protect the puppy against such   
bacteria, which is not life threatening.

  • Warranty does NOT cover puppies receiving  Leptospirosis    
    or  Corona  vaccines.  Tinker Toy Schnauzers does not
    recommend these vaccines due to the resulting side effects.

  • All puppies are AKC registered.  Tinker Toy Schnauzers
    ocassionally has teacup size puppies, our experience can
    advise the buyer of the expected size of a puppy,  however,   
    there is no guarantee on the final size of any puppy.  
Teacups and Toys are accepted names for AKC schnauzers,
but all puppies are registered as
Miniature Schnauzers.

  • All puppies are sold with Limited Registration and may not
be used for breeding, unless previously agreed upon with   
breeder.  Buyers should spay or neuter Limited
Registration puppies to be responsible pet owners.

  • Puppies are guaranteed against hereditary disease for one
year.  Buyer must provide documentation by 2 veterinarians
of any hereditary conditions during this time.  The breeder
will provide the buyer with an equal value puppy.  It is the
buyer's responsibility to cover the cost of the return of the
puppy to the breeder.

  • Breeder will add one year health guarantee if buyer continues
    puppy on NUVET Vitamin Supplement, which can be     
    purchased on the Homepage.

  • It is the breeder's strong recommendation that the new
owner continue yearly check-ups, provide the puppy with
annual vaccinations, heart-worm preventative, annual dental
care, maintain cleanliness and grooming, provide proper
food and water.  Photos and updates on all puppies to the
breeder, is highly encouraged.

  • All puppies are hand-raised in the breeder's home.  Buyers
must provide puppy with love, attention and safety for     
happiness and a quality of life.

  • Breeder reserves the right to refuse to sell any puppy to a buyer
and cancel the contract if it is not in the best interest of the puppy.

  • Deposits and Payments are non-refundable.  
They are contracts assuring the breeder you
are purchasing the puppy, which will be taken off the
market for you.

  • State of Florida requires a 7% sales tax with the purchase.

  • This warranty does not apply to retired adults.
Tinker Toy Warranty